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Screen Protectors for Smartphones

Protect your smartphone with our screen protectors<...

Protect your smartphone with our screen protectors

When we say that a protector is important, when we insist that a good tempered glass can save your mobile from a scratch, a fall or a scuff, we really mean it! 

With the screen protectors that you will find on the Miberia catalogue, you will be able to enjoy using your phone in a relaxed way. In addition, these tempered glasses have important oleo-phobic properties so that no substance can stain the delicate screen of your phone. The main function of this coating is to keep dirt away from the screen, as it repels the oil that our fingerprints leave on surfaces and that is produced by our skin.

At Miberia we do not want anything bad to happen to your mobile phone, despite the fact that we have a fast and efficient technical service and helpdesk.  So now you know, buy the best tempered glass and have your screen protected from day one.

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